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About Santiago Vazquez

Hello, my name is Santiago Vazquez, I’m a candidate for Sheriff of Broward County for the upcoming 2020 election. I’m a loving father, a brother, and a United States Army Veteran.  I also served with the Broward County Sheriff’s Office for 22 years.  I retired honorably in April 2016 for the sole purpose of running for sheriff, to guide our community in stopping the politicizing of the sheriff’s office, which the main purpose is to serve the community. I’m running because not only has the past sheriff failed his employees, the residents and guests of Broward County but also our Nation.

Vision & Mission

I’m Santiago Vazquez, a candidate for Broward County Sheriff.  I want you to know that I have a 3 step plan for making the Broward Sheriff’s Office better for all citizens of Broward County. My plans include Fiscal Responsibility, New Technology, and Mental Health Awareness.

Fiscal Responsibility, because your money should not be going to waste, New Technologies which need to be implemented for efficiency and Mental Health of public safety professional which affects all of us each and every day. These public servants are OUR first responders and protectors, they are our defenders and our lifelines. They need OUR support.

My Mission will be committed to protecting, preserving and safeguarding the Constitutional and Civil Rights of all People through impartial and courteous law enforcement services. Through integrity and professionalism, we shall ensure the public’s safety, trust and provide quality service in an open and honest partnership with our community.

“Allow me 1% of your trust and I will earn the rest of the 99%”

Santiago Vazquez for Broward County Sheriff.

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